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“Plane Easy”

Foam Equipment

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J. Calman Industries
LLC offers four models of “Plane Easy” foam tools.  Each model is available in a 16” or 24” size.  These are the ideal tools to flush finish any spray applied closed cell or open cell foam insulation.  A basic, durable instrument, to compliment existing urethane spray equipment for all work or trades requiring flat, smooth finished surfaces.  The tool designed to give you maximum usage, minimum down time and top quality construction.

The Carbide Blade
unit, with pneumatic motor, is recommended for use on 2 to 10+ pound closed cell foam.  This tool is primarily used on roofs, commercial cold storage buildings, and other similar projects.  The carbide blades and wire brushes are interchangeable.
1carbide blades-sm

The Hard Wire Brush
unit, with pneumatic motor, is recommended for use on 2 to 10+ pound closed cell foam.  This model is our best seller for new construction houses and home remodel projects.  However, it is also used in refrigeration trailers, commercial fishing vessel fish holding tanks, and much more.

The Grinding Plate
of leveling the whole area, this tool allows you to dig out the soft spot only and then re-spray foam in that area.

Motor Requirements:

The pneumatic motor operates most efficiently when air pressure is maintained at 125psi.  An air compressor able to deliver 23.0cfm is necessary.  Incoming air should be dry, clean, and filtered.  We recommend using a ¾” line from the compressor, the last 20’ use a ½” airline.  Lubricate the tool at least once every 8 hours by pouring a small quantity of air motor oil through the air inlet.


Although every effort has been made to make the foam planer as safe as possible, it is the responsibility of the user to wear appropriate safety gear.  Full face respirator and eye protection is a must. As with any power tool, use common sense when operating.  Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could become caught by moving parts, causing injury.


The 16” models weigh 13.20 pounds and the 24” model weighs 17.55 pounds.

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